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Worship at Home Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic
 From the Christian Education Department of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
The Christian Education Department of the
African Methodist Episcopal Church
Dear Sisters and Brothers, Greetings to you in the Joy of the Lord, for the Joy of the Lord is our strength! The entire world is feeling the impact of the widespread Coronavirus (COVID-19) in one way or another, the A.M.E. Church and other denominations included. We realize that as a result of the rapid pace of the spread of the virus, and out of caution for a more catastrophic event, alternative ways in which members can worship at home or in small groups should be made available.

Christian-Department-of-Christian-EducationAs our Council of Bishops and our Health Commission have responded, Rev. Garland Pierce, Executive Director of the Department of Christian Education and I want to ensure you have the resources you need for worship and continued spiritual growth. Please use this link to access some resources to be used during this interim. Under the "Worship at Home" tab you will find:

A Devotion During This Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic
Some Devotional and Study Ideas During This Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Under the "Study at Home" tab you will find Spring 2020 Quarters of:
Liberating Faith Studies
Senior Quarterly
Junior Quarterly
Comprehensive Lesson
Silent Moment

The pace at which the virus has been spreading has unwittingly caused some disruption, but the Church will continue to "meet" in whatever forms modern technology allows. I pray you will find these resources helpful for public and private use. I pray also for your and your family's safety as we continue to trust God for a swift relief from this pandemic. You may use this:

"Order of Service for Worship at Home"

  • Song - sing a favorite hymn or song
  • Prayer - offer a prayer followed by the Lord's Prayer
  • Scripture - Read the Focus Scripture for the Sunday School Lesson and follow the lesson.
  • Offering - send an offering to your local congregation through the link your local church leadership has set up which is Union Bethel Give Online
  • Give Thanks - Spend time sharing about the overwhelming goodness of God.
  • Closing Prayer - Offer the prayer that concludes the Sunday School Lesson.

The Reverend Dr. Roderick D. Belin

The Rt. Reverend Vashti Murphy McKenzie
Chair, Department of Publications

Jeffery Cooper, General Secretary/CIO
African Methodist Episcopal Church

P.O. Box 331028 - 500 8th Avenue South - Nashville, TN 37203
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