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Disaster Relief Support Addendum

From Your Servant Bishop


Disaster Relief Support

1. Offering for Haiti & Others Needing Disaster RELIEF
Our goal is to provide timely help to those who are most in need of our assistance. As we’ve witnessed in past situations, we can accomplish more when we pool our resources as a collective body. Thus, the SED Office is again offering this service as we have offered in the past for Disaster Relief and other benevolent efforts. We ask each congregation to collect a generous love offering to report for submission to the SED Office by the end of October 2021.
To facilitate this process, we’re asking each pastor to please submit your church’s offering to your presiding elder in one check by Friday, October 28, 2021. All checks are to be written to the Second Episcopal District Disaster Relief. The presiding elders will report and submit each church’s love gift to the SED Office, along with the pastor’s name, church and amount contributed will be shared with the recipients. However, if you desire to contribute personally, we accept your decision and applaud your sacrificial assistance.

I have been in contact with Bishop Stafford J. N. Wicker, Presiding Prelate 8th Episcopal District. Bishop E. Anne Henning Byfield, Presiding Prelate 13th Episcopal District, Bishop Marvin Zanders, Presiding Prelate, 16th Episcopal District. Many of our clergy and members in these Districts and thousands of displaced persons suffer horrendous losses of lives, homes, electricity, water, and other vital resources needed for survival and recovery. During our conversation, we realized that there was an immediate need and urgency to come to the aid of our brothers and sisters in these affected areas. A collective check for $20,000 from the Second Episcopal District fund was proportionately divided among the three districts. The recipients agreed that the need would be greater as time progressed for the people of Haiti, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Thus, I informed them that the SED would make a larger financial presentation in October 2021. Therefore, we strongly encourage our churches to provide a love offering for disaster relief for the receiving areas. The first reporting date is October 16, 2021, and the final reporting date is October 28, 2021, as requested previously. The Presiding Elders are asked to submit contributors' information and contributions to the SED office by Friday, October 31, 2021. You can submit your church’s love offering to your Presiding Elder anytime you desire on or before October 28, 2021, to submit to the SED office by October 31, 2021.

 2. SED Hope Center Items for 8th &13th Districts’ Victims in Need of AssistanceEach Bishop expressed great appreciation of our initial financial contribution. Also, Bishop Wicker and Bishop Byfield provided a list of items that people in their Districts desperately need. They are as follows: • Bishop Wicker’s items list: (crackers packages, etc.), foods that can be opened by hand; personal care packages for females and males, WATER and bottles of sanitizers, gloves, and masks. • • Bishop Byfield’s items list: water, masks/gloves, liquid soap, deodorants, feminine hygiene products, blankets, baby food, wipes, and diapers.As requested in our MESSAGE OF ADORATION (August 30, 2021), we are asking persons all across the SED to donate the requested items: These items should be taken to the SED Hope Center that is located closest to you and on the dates and times indicated on the enclosed chart.

The following previously used protocol should be followed: 1. Utilize the Collection Centers and Hope Centers already set up throughout the SED for collecting these items. Please use the drop-off center nearest you. 2. Use the email address or telephone numbers to alert the centers of your intent to make a drop-off.3. Please observe the times of their opening and closing listed on the Attached document 4. Make sure when you drop off the items, take someone with you to manage the physical movement of your items from your vehicle into the churches. Finally, If there is no drop-off center near you, we ask the local churches to make collections of local items and inform the Presiding Elder of the need for a pickup. May these challenging and uncertain times find us working even more closely together so our churches, communities, families, and all who benefit from the services we provide will all thrive.We are most appreciative of all that you do to help others as we continue to meet the challenges of all the things going on around us. Through it all, we will never lose hope. For in the midst of it all stands our God who will never leave nor forsake us.







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