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Public Statement from the AMEC Council of Bishops
July 2, 2018
Public Statement of the AMEC Council of Bishops on July 2, 2018

COB-Logo-2The Council of Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church met in its Summer Session on Monday, June 25 at the Atlanta Hilton Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. We use this opportunity and means to provide our public report to the constituency of our Zion. During our session, the Council took the following actions:
1. A committee was appointed by the president to review academic requirements for ordination, particularly in consideration of the preference many seminaries are now giving to the Master of Religion degree with less emphasis on the Master of Divinity degree. The report will be made in January 2019.
2. Affirmed that the composition of the General Conference as listed in the AME Book of
Discipline 2016, Part XIV, Section I. The General Conference, A. Composition, page 247
are to be seated as delegates to the General Conference. This is positive law.
3. Established “Budget Procedures” for the preparation of the 2020 connectional budget.
During the Bishops’ Retreat in January 2019, priorities for the AME Church for the 2020-
2024 quadrennial will be discussed, followed by a meeting with the CFO and Chairman
of Statistics and Finance Committee. Following these discussions, a budget reflecting
these priorities will be presented to the General Board for its consideration.
4. Voted to give $10,000 from sales of the ANVIL to the 18th Episcopal District.
5. Voted to set time aside during the Bishops’ Retreat in January for the Council of Bishops
to meet. The Executive Committee of the Council will recommend the time and length
of the meeting.
6. Approved a policy as it relates to approval and scheduling of connectional meetings. The
General Secretary/CIO will provide connectional leaders and department heads with the
policy and have it published in The Christian Recorder.
7. Approved the following dates for the CONVOs to be held this quadrennial. The first
CONVO will be held December 5-6, 2018 and the second CONVO will be held December
4-5, 2019. Both will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.
8. Approved a report entitled, “A Call to Conscience,” which addresses a number issues
impacting the United States. The Black Church, at one time, was considered the
“conscience” of the nation. Today’s environment calls the Black Church to once again be
the “conscience of the nation.” The report will be presented to the president, members
of Congress, and the nation’s governors. It will also be printed in The Christian Recorder
and an edited copy will be available on the official AME Church website. The “Call to
Conscience” also calls for Black Church communions (and those who will join us) to have
a “Call to Conscience” Rally in September 2018 in Lafayette Park, Washington, DC,
across the street from the White House. Details will follow.
The Council of Bishops also received an LED solar presentation, which encouraged the
bishops to emphasize and support solar products for churches in their districts. Each Episcopal
district will make decisions regarding this effort.

Additionally, the Council of Bishops met with presidents of a number of black banks in
the United States and the Permanent Representative of the African Union to the United States,
Ambassador Chihombori-Quao to discuss a partnership with the 19 black banks in the United
States called, “Black Wealth 2020.” Goals of the partnership are:

a. To increase black home ownership in the United States by two million by 2020. This
would increase black home ownership in the United States to 50%.
b. Increase the number of black small businesses in the United States from 2.6 million to
four million.
c. Increase deposits by blacks into black banks and promote and encourage investments.
d. Increase loans by black banks to individuals, small businesses, and churches, securing
mortgages, personal lines of credit, and other forms of credit.
e. Increase black wealth.
f. Increase construction of black churches and other community projects by over $1
billion, creating and increasing jobs, incomes, and revitalizing communities.
A press conference was held on Tuesday, June 26, to announce the partnership. The
presidents of the black banks in the United States and the president of the National Black
Chamber of Commerce were in attendance. The Partnership Committee of the Council of
Bishops, appointed by the president of the Council of Bishops, will meet this week to develop a
strategy for implementation of the partnership in Districts 1-13.
The goal is maximum participation by Episcopal districts and individual members. This partnership will be a model for the nation and other black faith communions. It will mark another first for the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

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