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Virtual Holy Communion

Virtual Holy Communion

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To My Union Bethel Church Family:
The people of God, around the world are finding creative and significant ways to worship, remain connected, and serve our communities even as we keep physically distant. 

As a people who know that, “God is Spirit, and those who worship God must worship in spirit and truth (John 4.24),” we recognize that the interruption of our physical assemblies cannot disrupt the love that God has for us or the love we have for one another as the body of Christ.

We recognize that God’s presence still rules and reigns with not only every breath we breathe but also in the sacraments we can still share when physically separated.

Sacraments are outward signs of inward and spiritual grace.
The Sacrament of Holy Communion is a communal activity celebrated at an open table in the presence of the gathered assembly of a local congregation. However, we are not able to come physically to the table on the First Sunday. Knowing that “nothing can separate us from God’s love” (Romans 8.38), this is to inform you that we will serve Holy Communion as a part of our ZOOM /online worship experience on the First Sunday in July 2020 and each first Sunday thereafter.

This correspondence details how.  We believe that all are welcome at God’s table. Not only is the altar at Union Bethel holy, the tables in our homes and the food we share are holy because they are God’s gifts to us.

What type of elements should we use?

grapejuiceAs Pastor Sembly leads the Communion Liturgy, if possible, use bread and grape juice.

IMG 7173-white-bread-2The type of bread doesn’t matter (i.e. sandwich bread, wheat bread, buns, pita, flatbread, etc.). In place of bread, a cracker would be an acceptable substitute. If you do not have grape juice, bread, or crackers please do not risk your health to acquire them. Please pray and be directed by God’s Spirit to an acceptable substitute.

How should we set up Holy Communion?
Consider the following ideas:
  1. Find a plate and cup/glass in your home.
  2. Before worship starts on Sunday, take the bread out of the container, place on the plate and cover it with a napkin (Cloth or Paper). Second, pour the grape juice into your cup. Cover the juice with a napkin.
  3. Once you have prepared your communion elements place them in a special location.
  4. Try to create a holy space for them so that your family sees them. Allow them to be the centerpiece rather than another item on an already crowded surface.
How do we administer and receive the elements?
Pastor Sembly will lead us through the liturgy.

What if I don’t have those elements available or don’t want to participate?
If you do not have the necessary items available or were unable to secure them prior to the service, or if you do not want to participate, use this time for prayer. We will pray a blessing over those not taking part in communion. 

What do we do with leftovers? 
They should go back into the ground. Thus, break the bread into small pieces and scatter them outside and pour the juice onto the ground.

Keep in mind, the Sacrament Holy Communion is a sacred moment and God has invited you and your family to the table, it does not matter whether the table of the Lord is in the church building or in your own home. 

This missive will remain posted on our Church Website along with a copy provided to our Class Leaders for members who do not have access to the Internet!

I remain…
In His Service,
Charles T. Sembly, Pastor

*This guide has been adapted with modifications from Sugar Hill and Saint James United Methodist Churches.

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