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Volunteers Needed for COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics Second Episcopal District Points of Distribution
Subject: A CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS! Needed for Vaccination Clinics at Second Episcopal District (SED) Points of Distribution (PODS)

During the Mid-Winter Meeting, February 11-12, 2021, a summary of The Plan: "OPERATION SAVING OURSELVES AND OTHERS: GET THE COVID-19 VACCINE NOW!" was presented at the 2:15 pm Rising to the Challenge: Health and Wellness session. The targeted groups are those that are most vulnerable to COVID-19; but in many instances, are overlooked in the COVID -19 vaccination rollout.

The Plan was designed as a guide to establishing strategic Points of Distribution (PODS) in AME Churches for COVID-19 Vaccinations and Wellness Clinics in selected churches located in the three (3) states (Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina) and the District of Columbia, comprising the SED.

The aim is to determine church locations that can effectively and efficiently meet criteria within the various states for accommodating COVID-19 Vaccination PODS for SED congregants and communities.

To kickstart this initiative, we appointed a leadership team to identify SED AME Churches with facilities that will enable all partners to achieve desired outcomes for the COVID-19 recipients; such as, large open parking lots with suitable ingress and egress; located close to city public transportation routes; Near major traffic arteries; Long term experience systems already in place for managing large crowds; and logistics for moving traffic and other operations successfully.

The Leadership Team did an excellent job in identifying and selecting various SED sites as initial PODS, such as Ebenezer AME Church, Fort Washington, MD; Empowerment Temple, Baltimore, MD; Allen Chapel AME Church, Washington, DC; Campbell AME Church, Washington, DC.

It has been brought to our attention -- and we give all praises to Almighty God --that the Prince Georges' County Government and the District of Columbia Government have seen the value and are rushing the planning to utilize these facilities on a wider scale. And they are moving expeditiously to achieve the plan of saving ourselves and others by getting as many needles into the arms of its citizens as quickly as possible.

Consequently, In its continued investigation of suitable sites, the Leadership Team explored the viability of using The Turner Memorial AME Church located at 7201 16th Pl, Hyattsville, MD 20783 as a SED POD kickstart facility. The demographics align with our mission to meet the critical need of getting the vaccine into the arms of underserved populations now!

We need you to partner with us by volunteering your services in this life-saving endeavor. Our mission is to ensure that all citizens in the SED receive the COVID-19 vaccine now. We need volunteers immediately for the Turner Memorial AME Church site!

Volunteers (medical & non-medical) are an important part of creating an efficient workflow which is an integral part of a successful vaccination clinic. Medical volunteers are those with clinical backgrounds (i.e. doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical assistants). Non-medical are those members who are not in the medical field but want to donate their time.

Further, the SED is partnering with Mr. Eric Nixon, CEO/Founder, Integra Clinical Services, LLC and US WellCare – Church -based Healthcare in creating a Text Platform database of volunteers - both medical and non-medical.

Mr. Nixon has shared with us that using a text platform has shown to be the most efficient way to capture information for large numbers of people. Texting is not only an easy way to sign up people but also allows the ability to communicate with the volunteers, as necessary.

If you are convinced to be a part of this life-saving effort by volunteering to use your skills, please follow the three simple directions below for using the text platform:

1. Text the word "Volunteer" to the number 301-701-3644.
2. You will receive a link. Once you click the link, you will be taken to a very short survey. Complete survey.
3. Once your information is received, you will be contacted to determine your availability.

If additional information is needed, please contact our Co-Coordinators, Rev. Dr. Gerald Folsom at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and Dr. Bester Joyce Bonner at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please share this MEMO with others who might be interested in assisting in this effort to ensure that health and wellness opportunities are available for all people.

Thank you in advance. And may God bless and keep you as we continue the struggle for liberation and justice for all In the Spirit of The #REAL Church: Rising to The Challenge!

James L. Davis, Servant Bishop


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