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Saturday, May 25th @ 9:00am
Men's Virtual Bible Study
Sunday, May 26th @ 12:00am
Memorial Day Sunday
Sunday, May 26th @ 10:00am
Sunday Morning Worship Service (Hybrid)
Monday, May 27th @ 8:00am
Morning Daily Devotions
Tuesday, May 28th @ 6:30am
Virtual Official Board Meeting
New to Union Bethel
Welcome to Union Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church "We Are Family."  If you’re visiting us for the first time, we've provided answers to some of your questions about Union Bethel A.M.E that we think will be most helpful to you.
We invite you to explore our website as you uncover the abundance of activities, worship services, senior and community outreach, ministries and Christian Education programs for youth, teens and adults.  The genuine concern for the welfare of God's people is reflective in everything we do.

 What is the African Methodist Episcopal Church?

Rchard AllenThe word African means that the church was organized by people of African descent and heritage. It does not mean that the church was founded in Africa, or that it was for persons of African descent only.  The church's roots are of the family of Methodist churches. Methodism provides an orderly system of rules and regulations and places emphasis on a plain and simple gospel.  Episcopal refers to the form of government under which the church operates. The chief executive and administrative officers of the African Methodist Episcopal denomination are the Bishops of the church. For a complete history of the African Methodist Episcopal Church you will find in-depth information by logging onto AME Church.

What is meant by "We Are Family"

“We Are Family” has become not only our church theme, but also our directive of how we regard each other as members of Christ’s church. The nurturing begins with warmly welcoming visitors and new members into our congregation, and continues with ongoing fellowship, friendship and just plain fun as we work together serving Christ.

What time are your worship services?

Union Bethel holds one worship service at 10:00 am each Sunday and 10:00 am on First Sunday of each month for Service of Holy Communion.  Come experience the love of Christ and fellowship at Union Bethel A.M.E.  Join us in-person, Zoom or Facebook Live.

What is your worship style?

Our Worship Services combine prayers, scriptures, a variety of choirs, special vocal and instrumental music, liturgical dance and always a powerful Word from the Lord to uplift and challenge us as Christians.

What can I expect when I visit?

When you arrive for Worship Services, you’ll be warmly greeted by one of our Greeter Ministry members who will welcome you in the Excellent Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ , and direct you how to enter the Sanctuary. A Union Bethel A.M.E. Usher will then ensure that you are provided a comfortable and welcoming visit throughout the Worship Service. Ushers stand ready to assist you for all your requests and needs with a spirit of love and fellowship.

Do I have to dress up?

We encourage people to dress comfortably. For many, that may mean dressing up, but for some it simply means wearing clothing that is comfortable and appropriate. We do not burden people unnecessarily by requiring them to dress up in fancy clothes they do not normally wear just to go to church. We want everyone to come, be comfortable, and enjoy learning about and growing in Christ together.

Do you have a Toddler, Children’s, Teen and Adult Sunday School Program?

Yes. Throughout our educational ministries, Union Bethel has nurtured, guided, empowered and equipped its members for Christian living in today's society. Union Bethel A.M.E. provides toddler through adult a comprehensive Christian education program based on biblical truths. The lessons are especially designed to empower African American children, youth, and adults for successful Christian living. Young people are empowered to overcome all obstacles. Our teachers are given the tools to inspire them while they learn about and follow Jesus Christ. Children and Youth Church School begins at 10:00 a.m. each Sunday, except second Sunday of each month.  Read More...

Can someone pray or talk with me?

Absolutely. When you arrive at Union Bethel A.M.E., please inform your Greeter that you would like someone to pray and/or talk with you. Our Greeters are trained ensure that one of Union Bethel's Stewards will pray with you and arrange a special dedicated time and date to speak with you.

How can I get involved and become a member of Union Bethel A.M.E.?

Near the close of every worship service, the pastor will “Open the Doors” to the church with an invitation to Christian Discipleship and another invitation to join and be a part of the Union Bethel A.M.E. Church family. All are welcomed to be a part of this Christ's church -- give the Pastor your hand, and God your heart and come join the Union Bethel A.M.E. family and fellowship. You will be warmly welcomed by our officers and members and assigned a dedicated Class Leader who will be your membership mentor.  Experience the love and fellowship, and what is meant by "We Are Family" at Union Bethel A.M.E.

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