Church School

The Union Bethel A.M.E. Church School Mission is to teach, train, nurture, prepare and recruit children and adults in God’s word for Christian Service. This teaching is to assist them with effective living and Christian leadership in a changing society.


Sunday school classes are available for all ages from preschool through high school and adults.

Pastor’s Bible Study

Pastor’s Bible Study takes participants through the Holy Scriptures, enabling all to see the progressive, step-by-step revelation of God’s Will, how it has become manifest over the centuries, and how it affects our lives today.  It is designed to bring more knowledge of God’s Word, as well as a lifetime of spiritual nourishment through study and insightful, thought provoking group discussion. 

Young Adult Bible Study

Explore the dynamic journey of young adulthood through our engaging Refresh Your Soul Young Adult Bible Study. Dive into the depths of scripture and uncover its timeless wisdom that speaks to the unique challenges and experiences of this stage of life. Join us as we grow together in faith and understanding, forging a deeper connection with God as we navigate the exciting and sometimes turbulent path of early adulthood.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is held every summer at Union Bethel. We invite both members and community friends to join us for five days of bible study, presented in a creative and fun environment. This engaging program is designed to enrich spiritual growth and understanding through interactive lessons, crafts, and activities for all ages.

Men’s Bible Study

The Men’s Bible Study provides men a time to grow in their relationship with God through the study of His Word, discipleship and prayer leading to fruitful marriages, parenting, service to Christ’s body and the community in which we live.  Studies include a relatable teaching from the Holy Scriptures and plenty of time for small group discussions and sharing.

Women’s Bible Study

This provides women a study, discussion and sharing time to grow in our relationship with God and obtain practical, biblical perspectives on marriage, family, work, spiritual self-care, personal relationships…and more!  As Christian women, we can sometimes get caught up in getting things accomplished. When we slow down, it allows God to use His Word to show us who we were really created to be.  Not only as a woman, but as His woman.

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