Youth & Young Adult Ministry

The Youth and Young Adult Ministry is designed to effectively respond to the spiritual and social needs of the youth and young adults in our church family and community by engaging in evangelism, Christian fellowship, and exploring Biblical studies. We strive to motivate the youth and young adults to use their talents for Kingdom building. Additionally, the youth and young adult ministry provides a spiritual foundation to promote Christ-centered actions that will enhance and ignite Christian character and morals that is conducive to disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Men’s Ministry

Our Men’s Fellowship provides opportunities for Christian men to engage in various activities to address their spiritual and social needs. The Men’s Fellowship is an outgrowth of the Men’s Club. Bible Study is an integral part of the fellowship. During Men’s Night at the Annual Conference, awards for Man of the Year and Young Man of the Year are presented and the recipients are honored.

Senior Ministry

The Senior Outreach Ministry, founded in 1984, was organized to meet the needs of our seniors in the congregation and in the wider community. The Ministry provides time for seniors to participate in its wide range of activities, designed to stimulate them spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially.

Women’s Ministry

Our Women’s Fellowship ministers to the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the women in the church. The Women’s retreat is an annual activity sponsored by the Women’s Fellowship and allows women to renew their spirit and faith in a communal environment, and dialogue about issues that affect those most.

Young People’s Department

The YPD is structured to train and lead our youth to serve and grow in missions. It also provides them with an opportunity to grow and fellowship together. The YPD also encourages personal development and spiritual growth, fostering a nurturing environment where young people can thrive in their faith and community involvement.