Class Leaders

The role of our Class Leaders is to look after the needs of the membership, both spiritual and otherwise. Class Leaders hold regular classes which provide instruction to probationary members and ultimately recommend probationers for full membership. Every member is assigned a class leader.


Union Bethel has three Stewardess Boards who assist the Stewards in the discharge of their duties. Providing the elements of Holy Communion and making adequate preparation for all Baptisms, are among the duties of the Stewardesses.

Greeters Ministry

As its name implies, the Greeters Ministry extends greetings to members and visitors in the Excellent Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as they enter the church and sanctuary.

Hospitality Ministry

The Union Bethel Hospitality Ministry provides welcoming hospitality, warmth and friendliness to all parishioners and visitors. The Ministry assists in preparing and serving fellowship meals and repasts.


Our Ushers ensure that worshippers are welcomed with a spirit of love and fellowship. Through study, training, and spiritual guidance, they promote order and tranquility through all worship services.